The Difference of Open, Semi-Open, Closed Impeller
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The Difference of Open, Semi-Open, Closed Impeller

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The Difference of Open, Semi-Open, Closed Impeller

Slurry Pump Impeller is one of crucial component, it is selected according to the working condition. There are many different types of impeller based on materials, vanes, types. Each has its own strengths and weakness depending on the application, some are better for solid handling, some are better for high efficiency, which kind of impeller is suitable for you, please read the article as below.

Open Impeller

Features: Its vanes attach to a center hub and mounted directly onto a shaft, no wall surrounding the vanes.

Advantages: Open impellers are easier and faster to clean and repair, with a wide passage and are better for solid handling.

Applications: Open impellers usually are used in small type pumps and handle suspended solids and less to clog. Or where particle blockage may be a problem or where the shear provided by an open impeller is an aid to pumping froth.


Semi-open Impeller

Features: Semi-open impellers only have a back wall that adds strength to the impeller.

Advantages: They are used with fluids and product that have solids.

Applications:  Semi-open impellers are used in reduced efficiency, pass solids.

Closed Impeller

Features: it has a back and front wall around these vanes.

Advantages: closed impeller can reach a high efficiency with a high head.

Applications: closed impellers are mainly used for large pumps, for the application of handling suspended solid service. It is difficult to clean the clogs.

If you are still confused about which kinds of impeller to choose, please be sure to ask our Muyuan’s engineers to help you solve it.




Semi-open Impeller

impellerSemi-open Impeller


Closed Impeller


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