The perfect components design of the centrifugal slurry pump
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The perfect components design of the centrifugal slurry pump

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The perfect centrifugal slurry pump depends on the perfect design of the different components.

Hydraulic Modeling
The wet end piece of the centrifugal slurry pump can be cast from hard metal or rubber. Even if the centrifugal slurry pump is severely worn, they maintain good hydraulic performance. This helps the pump reach the optimum pumping efficiency level for a longer period of time. Various impeller designs are available for pumps in a variety of pumping applications.

Shaft Seals
Packing Seal
As one of the most commonly used seals for rotating shafts, the seal cap of the light duty slurry pump can be equipped with a low flush or full flush device that uses flush water to prevent media from escaping from the pump casing. This seal is suitable for almost all pumping applications. Polytetrafluoroethylene or aramid fibers are used as packaging materials for the sealing sleeve in the case where corrosive solids or high temperatures may be encountered. For high wear conditions, ceramic bushings can be used.

Centrifugal Seal-Expeller
The combination of impeller and expeller creates the pressure required to seal against leakage. Together with a sealing cap or lip seal used as a closure seal, this type of seal can handle the sealing requirements of applications where the seal cap cannot be completely flushed due to lack of water in the field, or allows the seal water to enter the pumping chamber to dilute the slurry.

Mechanical Seal
The ML series of light duty slurry pump are designed with leak-proof mechanical seals for easy installation and replacement. Other types of mechanical seals are one of the choices for mud pumps for a variety of pumping applications.

We also use special high strength and high hardness ceramics and alloys on friction parts. The unique design and seamless fit between the mechanical seal and the sealed chamber provides excellent wear and impact resistance, ensuring its effectiveness in the toughest conditions.

Grease Lubricated Bearing Assembly
The grease lubricated bearing assembly houses a large diameter shaft in its unique bearing cartridge designed for heavy duty applications. Due to its compact design, the bearings take up little space while providing minimal vibration and deflection. Grease lubrication minimizes the possibility of oil spills and does not require additional maintenance work. The rotor is easy to adjust. The user can install several rotors that run in series.

Horizontal Axially-Split Bearing Assembly
Under oil lubrication, the axially separated bearing assembly has a large diameter shaft and a short cantilever. It offers high rigidity and is unlikely to deform or vibrate even in the presence of highly abrasive solids. The bearing is mounted directly in the bearing bracket and the bearing bracket can be split into two halves along its centerline. This mounting method facilitates disassembly, inspection and adjustment of the bearings. The water cooling system of the light duty slurry pump effectively cools the heat bearings and greatly increases their service life.

Cartridge Type Oil-Lubricated Bearing Assembly
The spacious cartridge design allows for the installation of large diameter shafts. Metric bearings are designed for applications and are lubricated with thin oil. The user can install several bearings that run in series. The compact design and high reliability are the two major benefits of this bearing for the end user.

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