Vertical Heavy Duty Sump Pump
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Vertical Heavy Duty Sump Pump

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Vertical Heavy Duty Sump Pumps are designed for industrial pumping applications to pump clean or lightly contaminated liquids, fiber slurries and liquids containing large solids from deep troughs. The pump head is suspended in the pumped liquid and the drive motor is dry mounted on the top. The Vertical Heavy Duty Sump Pump has a separate discharge tube and support column. The vertical sump pump has a vertical spool with a plain bearing or cantilever design and no plain bearings.

The MUYUAN heavy duty cantilever pump is designed for applications that require greater reliability and durability than traditional vertical process pumps.

The heavy-duty boom design makes the MUYUAN sump pump ideal for continuous treatment of heavy wear and corrosive liquids and slurries immersed in sump or pits.

The rugged heavy duty sump pump is available in a variety of common sizes to suit most pumping applications. These pumps have proven their reliability and efficiency on a global scale:

• mineral processing;

• coal preparation; 

• chemical treatment; 

• sewage treatment; 

• sand and gravel; 

• almost all other tanks, pits or downhole mud treatments. 

The MUYUAN Vertical Heavy Duty Sump Pump design with carbide (SP) or elastomer (SPR) components makes it ideal for:

• Abrasive and/or corrosive slurries

• Large particles • High density paste 

• Continuous or “ Snoring operation • heavy task requires cantilever shaft

MUYUAN Vertical Heavy Duty Sump Pump are available in a variety of standard lengths to accommodate common sump depths, for very deep oil sump or high shaft speed limiting pump lengths at bottom air inlets Install an oil suction extension tube to extend the depth of the Vertical Heavy Duty Sump Pump up to 2 meters. Even if the top inlet is not submerged, pumping is maintained so that the liquid level can be lowered to the bottom inlet or bottom of any suction extension tube. 

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