Vertical metal sump pumps
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Vertical metal sump pumps

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Vertical metal sump pumps are the answer to the most aggressive corrosive and abrasive slurry applications. These rugged pumps combine long life and high sustainable hydraulic efficiency with the lowest total cost of ownership.

The rugged range of vertical slurry pumps is designed and manufactured to operate under most test conditions. Applications include mineral processing, coal preparation, chemical processing, sand and gravel as well as general tank, pit or underground mud applications.

Using patented mixing technology, our vertical pumps deliver substantial energy and low power consumption, making it one of the lowest total holdings in its class.

We have a wide range of vertical slurry pumps, including semi-submersible pumps and full submersible pumps, designed to meet the most demanding requirements and offer the advantages of high capacity, high lift and anti-clogging technology.

The vertical metal slurry pumps are available without immersion bearings or seal cantilever pumps, making them ideal for a wide range of submersible suction pump applications. These sump pumps work well under a variety of tank conditions and can be easily applied to floating dewatering or other floating pump platforms.

Our wide range of semi-submersible and full-submersible oil pan pumps meet the most demanding requirements and offer the advantages of high capacity, high lift and innovative anti-blocking technology.

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