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Vertical sludge pump

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Vertical sludge pumps are designed to handle high-wear, high-density slurries with excellent wear life while maintaining efficiency over the wear cycle, providing optimum total operating costs.

Vertical sludge pumps can be used in many applications such as pipeline transportation, high speed hydraulic conveying, mineral processing, coal preparation, cyclone feeding, aggregate processing, fine primary grinding, chemical slurry services, tailings, secondary grinding, industrial processing, pulp and Paper, food processing, cracking operations, ash processing.

Vertical sludge pumps is a vertical and centrifugal slurry pump for the treatment of abrasive or corrosive, high density slurries with large particulate solids.

Typical application of Vertical sludge pumps :

Sewage treatment

Agricultural irrigation

Thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization

Mine and metallurgy

Chemical industry and pollution emissions

Other industries such as municipal engineering, coal and building materials.

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