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froth pump

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froth pump

Froth pump are vertical foam siphons intended to build the pumpability of foamy slurry, to limit the entrainment of air in the slurry, and to amplify venting of air in the sump, pull and siphon.
Froth pump arrangement foam siphon broadly utilized in metallurgical, mining,coal and synthetic sector.suitable to move destructive slurry containing foam.

forth pump

Forth pump

This arrangement siphon would enough be able to crush slurry foam in working. In absence of material situation, also can normal working.
This siphon specific appropriate for a wide range of buoyancy innovative flowsheet.

froth pump materials:

The material of foam siphon wet end parts is additionally the since quite a while ago known A05, however for the tank, we can cover the steel tank with common elastic dependent on your extraordinary prerequisite.

froth pump features:

The foam slurry siphons are of uncompromising development, intended for constant siphoning of exceptionally rough and destructive foamy slurries. They have a vertical shaft arrangement, and involve a container, with vertical Bearing Assembly, and Type SF (AF) siphon wet-end. They highlight a wide decision of replaceable scraped area safe metal or formed elastomer packaging liners and Impellers.

froth pump applications:

AI series froth pump is a horizontal centrifugal forth pump with special design. Forth the hydrodynamic model, it solves the difficultly of transporting forth by ordinary centrifugal slurry pumps and fundamentally solves the problem of forth slurry transportation. In the concentrator plant, the specially designed AI series forth pump has become the first choice for flotation forth slurry transportation.

froth pump

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