heavy duty mud pump for application
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heavy duty mud pump for application

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The heavy duty mud pump series is meant for the foremost demanding pumping applications.The rugged "wet end" uses exceptionally thick metal or rubber joints where the wear and tear rate is high.Metal or rubber impeller with high ratio ensures excellent performance and long wear life.
Heavy mud pump features:
Mud pump has strong structural design, high abrasive slurry of maximum performance, computer aided design of thick shell of huge diameter and heavy impeller, carefully matching, provide efficient hydraulic even wear and therefore the minimum power consumption, excellent wear properties and corrosion resistance, independent of cartridges bearing components with large shaft and therefore the three anti-friction bearing and oil lubrication, all types of shaft seal options, easy to take care of .
Heavy duty mud pump application:
Such as pipeline transportation, high speed hydraulic transportation, mineral extraction , coal preparation, cyclone feed, aggregate processing, fine primary grinding, chemical slurry services。

heavy duty mud pump

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