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Muyuan's ability

Marketing Team
Muyuan focus on building a more professional marketing team, every person for sales from Muyuan are sales engineer, which not only could make a quick response for the customer’s inquiry, but also could give professional sales advice to the demands of customer, even could go to site to solve problems. Foreign trade accounts for more than 90% of the company’s business. The market is in Europe, South America, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa. We would like to meet customer requirements with our professional knowledge, sincere attitude and considerate service.
Production Strength
Muyuan production is more and more approach automate and mature period, through continuously improve equipment automate degree and expansion of the number and size of equipment to improve the production capacity of our enterprise, to offer faster, more high quality products to our customers.

Assembly Shop
Assembly workshop covers an area of over 4000 square meters, with 7 working areas to realize spray painting, rotor assembly, small ump assembly, vertical pump assembly, large pump assembly, static pressure inspection and packing work. The assembly workshop has a negative pressure constant temperature rotor assembly, which can guarantee the bearing performance and ensure the operation stability of the pump in all kinds of bad or heavy working conditions. The area of the workshop is divide, each region completes its work independently, without interfering with each other, improving the assembly efficiency while ensuring the product quality.

Foundry Shop
Our foundry shop covers more than 8000 square meters, has two automatic production lines, the monthly casting capacity can reach 300 tons, and single casting weight ranges from 10 to 7000 kgs. Resin sand, pre-coated sand, disappearing mold and other processes, meet different sizes, different materials casting requirements; The complete computer controlled heat treatment furnace can heat-treat high chromium casting to improve the metallographic structure, thus further improving the casting performance.

Machining Shop
Machining workshop has advanced CNC vertical milling center, not only high machining accuracy, quality stable and reliable, and realize the computer control, eliminate human error, the parts processing good consistency, and cooperate with us to optimize the technology and equipment each of the parts processing process to do process centralization, reduce repeated positioning in terms of technology, also reduce transport for many times, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of the product. CNC double column vertical lathe can realize two cutting tools at the same time processing, processing efficiency is high. The machining diameter is 5000m; the machining height is 2500mm.

Molding Shop
Muyuan has nearly one thousand kinds of patterns, all patterns are in strict accordance with the reasonable casting process, in the meanwhile all the stock patterns must be entering plant checked, regular checked, in order to ensure the stability of the quality of rough casting, all patterns out-put and in-put of warehouse must be entering ERP system, ensure inventory update information timely and accurate.
Technical Strength
Muyuan has been certified as a High and New Technology Enterprise, and formed the high-performance wear-resistant materials center, continued to pump, mining machinery and other products with wear-resistant, corrosion materials research and development work, and have their own intellectual property rights. Based on this, we realized the result transformation and formed the company’s unique product series. We own a passionate professional technical team, communicate and work with customers, with our knowledge and resources to meet the needs of customers working efficiency, reduce down time, and improve preventability and controllability for the industrial application risk.


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