5 minutes know to the working principle of horizontal slurry pump
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5 minutes know to the working principle of horizontal slurry pump

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  Pipeline hydraulic transportation of solid materials has a series of characteristics in some aspects such as technology, economy, operation management and environment, etc. and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, electric power, coal, and chemical and other industry. Horizontal slurry pump is a kind of pump for deliverying solid-liquid mixture, which is key equipment in the solid material pipeline hydralic transportation. There are many types of solid-liquid pumps: centrifugal, mixed flow, screw type, etc. The slurry pump is a centrifugal solid-liquid pump.

  The main working parts of the horizontal slurry pump are the impeller and the casing. The impeller in the casing is mounted on the shaft and connected with a driving device such as a motor to be a pumping unit. When the motor drives the impeller to rotate, the blades in the impeller force the pressure potential energy and kinetic energy of the fluid to increase. At the same time, the fluid flows from the center to the edge of the impeller under the force of inertia, and flows out of the impeller at a very high speed, into the pressure chamber, and then out through the outlet pipe, this process is called the pressurized water process. At the same time, because the fluid in the center of the impeller flows to the edge, the center of the impeller forms a low-pressure area. When it has sufficient vacuum, the fluid enters the impeller through the suction chamber under the pressure of the suction end. This process is called the water absorption process. Due to the continuous rotation of the impeller, the fluid is continuously discharged and sucked, and a continuous working state is formed.

  The working process of slurry pump is actually a process of energy transfer and conversion. It transfers the mechanical energy of the motor at high speed through the impeller of the pump and converts it into pressure energy and kinetic energy of the lifted fluid, so as to achieve the purpose of slurry transporation in the pipeline.

  The above is the working principle of the slurry pump, in fact, it is the unified working principle of all centrifugal pumps. However, because the slurry conveyed by the slurry pump contains solid particles, the design and selection of the slurry pump must also fully consider the specific gravity of the solid materials, particle shape, particle size composition, slurry concentration and other factors, the impact on head loss, solid particle settling speed, and solid material factors on pump performance. Muyuan has focused on the research, design and production of slurry pumps for more than ten years. It has rich experience in the field of slurry pumps. Muyuan people will provide you with a full range of professional services before, during and after sale.


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