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horizontal slurry pump

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01 - 15
5 minutes know to the working principle of horizontal slurry pump
Pipeline hydraulic transportation of solid materials has a series of characteristics in some aspects such as technology, economy, operation management and environment, etc. and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, electric power, coal, and chemical and other industry. Slurry pump is a kind of pum
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01 - 14
8 features of horizontal slurry pump
Slurry pump is the key equipment for slurry transportation in different fields of industry. If the slurry delivery system is likened to a living body, the slurry pump plays the role of the heart, pumping the slurry (blood) to various devices (organs) in the system. There are many types of pumps.
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08 - 04
Pump Type Clarification
Pump Type Clarification Pump is a machine to be used to transfer liquid or pressurizes the liquid. It can transport the mechanical power of prime mover or other external power to the liquid and increase the energy of liquid. The pump is mainly used to pump water, oil, acid and alkali, suspo
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