8 features of horizontal slurry pump
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8 features of horizontal slurry pump

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    Horizontal slurry pump is the key equipment for slurry transportation in different fields of industry. If the slurry delivery system is likened to a living body, the slurry pump plays the role of the heart, pumping the slurry (blood) to various devices (organs) in the system. There are many types of pumps. Here we mainly talk about horizontal centrifugal slurry pump which have the following characteristics:


  1. The main application areas include mineral processing plant, power plant desulfurization, sand dredging, river dredging, metal smelting, sewage treatment, etc.

  2. Centrifugal pumps transfer energy to the slurry through impeller rotation to achieve pipeline transportation. At the same time, because slurry pumps are mostly used in heavy duty conditions, so most slurry pumps use horizontal compact structure.

  3. Because the slurry contains solids, it requires slurry pump wet end parts have good wear resistance. At the same time, the slurry is corrosive in mine concentration and desulfurization conditions, so the wet end parts must also have Corrosion resistance.

  4. Wet end parts are usually made of high chrome or rubber materials to ensure wear resistance or corrosion resistance under different working conditions.

  5. The seal type of horizontal slurry pump includes gland seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal.

  6. Slurry pump operation regards lifetime and reliability as important. Pump efficiency is relatively secondary, so slurry pump efficiency is much lower than water pump and chemical pump.

  7. Horizontal slurry pump is cantilever structure. In order to meet the requirements of heavy working conditions, pump shafts mostly use rigid shafts to withstand high loads.

  8. As slurry pump is designed to transfer solids, so it has wide passage which result to good passage ability.


Muyuan series slurry pump can meet the requirements of slurry transportation under different working conditions. Muyuan provides you with integrated solutions and one-stop service.

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