Advantages Of Our China Centrifugal Froth Pump
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Advantages Of Our China Centrifugal Froth Pump

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Centrifugal Froth Pump which can partly remove foams during this process is mainly applied to transport foam slurry. The transportation capacity of rubber-lined slurry pump is much higher than that of other models. Besides, it does not need shaft seal or seal water. Due to this, our centrifugal froth pump has become the ideal pump for many concentrating mills and other industrial uses.

  • Rubber-lined slurry pump has high efficiency, unique anti-wear design, convenient maintenance and repair

  • Centrifugal Froth Pump adopts multi-stage series to ensure long-distance transportation

  • High wear-resistant rubber can extend the service life of wetted parts. For example, the rubber front plate and impeller can be used for 205 days and 120 days, respectively. The rubber is chemically stable, lightweight and highly resilient. It can reduce noise and vibration

  •  MUYUAN is able to develop and manufacture products such as centrifugal froth pump. The company has established close cooperative relations with East China University of Science and Technology, Nanchang, Changsha Metallurgical Design and Research Institute.

  • Centrifugal froth pumpadopts flow cross section design, uniform section speed design, optimized part structure design and other designs, and is designed by EDEM discrete finite element analysis software.

  • The wearing parts of the centrifugal froth pump are designed to reduce wear and tear

  • Centrifugal froth pump has excellent performance and is suitable for different working conditions.

  • Operators and quality inspectors perform a number of quality tests to ensure pump quality

  • The company also provides centrifugal froth pumpselection service

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