Advantages of Heavy duty submersible slurry pump
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Advantages of Heavy duty submersible slurry pump

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As Muyuan’s featured products, there are some advantages of the heavy duty Horizontal Slurry Pump.

1. The physical layout of our horizontal heavy-duty slurry pumps simplifies maintenance operations and ensures long service life. It also suits the pumps for heavy-duty tasks. 

2. This small-diameter pump features a single one-piece case, which reduces weight and production cost. Larger diameter pumps come with axially split cases made from ductile cast iron to withstand pressure. Internal pipe linings are constructed of wear-resistant materials, allowing for easy replacement and repair. 

3. The heavy duty Horizontal Slurry Pump body is fixed to the mounting base by several bolts. Users can adjust the clearance between impeller and suction liner easily from underneath a bearing pedestal. 

4. Packing gland seal, mechanical seal and expeller seal are available to prevent slurry leakage during pumping operation.

horizontal heavy-duty slurry pump


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