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China Heavy duty submersible slurry pumps

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08 - 07
Applications of Slurry Pump
As a slurry pumps exporter, Muyuan's Heavy duty Mining Tailings Slurry Pumps have many applications.
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07 - 17
Component design makes Heavy duty slurry pump performance better
The wet end parts of the Heavy duty centrifugal pump are cast from hard metal or polyurethane. Even if the Heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump is severely worn, they maintain good hydraulic performance. This helps the slurry pump reach the optimum pumping efficiency level for a longer period of time. Various impeller designs are available for pumps in a variety of pumping applications. Pump blades are designed by hydraulic modeling.
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09 - 19
Advantages of Heavy duty submersible slurry pump
As Muyuan’s featured products, there are some advantages of the heavy duty Horizontal Slurry Pump.
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