Applications of Slurry Pump
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Applications of Slurry Pump

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As a slurry pumps exporter, Muyuan's Heavy duty Mining Tailings Slurry Pumps have many applications.


The Heavy duty Mining Tailings Slurry Pumps can be used in industry.Pumping industrial waste, extracting slag, forging scale, lime, sludge, solidified sludge, oil and tar residues,Construction and public works,Inert flushing sludge, all types of effluent from suspended solids.


 The Heavy duty Mining Tailings Slurry Pumps can also be used in Sewage,Dehydration,Dredging, Sand mining and transportation,Dredging port and dock,Canal and port dredging,Clean up rivers, lakes and lagoons,Dam dredging,Beach reclamation,Heavy soil.


For mining,Mining and tailings recovery,Clean up the sedimentation tank

,Extraction of coal, minerals and sand.


For Offshore,Underwater work,Ecological restoration,Emptying of caissons and bulkheads,Barge transport.


In summary, there are many applications of the Heavy duty Mining Tailings Slurry Pumps.Feeding slurries to hydrocyclones or pressure filters in mining industry, mineral recycling, mine dewatering, coal dressing, metallurgy.

Heavy duty Mining Tailings Slurry Pump

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