China Improving Froth Pumping Solution
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China Improving Froth Pumping Solution

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MF Series Froth Pump is a new type, high efficiency&energy saving pump.  The MF froth pump has been designed to increase the pump ability of frothy slurry.


The basic principle of operatnig the forth pump is to degas or partially degas the froth before it enters the pumping, this is similar to that of hydrocyclone separation. Its handing capacity of the pump is much higher than that of other types of slurry pump without shaft seal and sealing water. The froth pump is a perfect pump for handing frothy pulp indeed.


All wet parts can be made of high chromium alloy iron and die cast natural or synthetic rubber.


The drive can be replaced with a WY and WYJ type pump. The hopper tank is made of steel plate, and the inner wall of the tank can be pumped according to different media.


The discharge branches can be positioned at 45 degree intervals as required and oriented to any of the 8 positions to suit installation and application. The MF forth pump has the advantages of excellent performance, easy assembly and disassembly, and high reliability.

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