Dredge Pump Qualification
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Dredge Pump Qualification

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MUYUAN produces a wide range of centrifugal dredge pumps that have long proven to be very successful in the transport of abrasive mixtures.

The MUYUAN dredge pump program includes:

• Traditional pump

• High efficiency pump

•Special pump

• and custom pumps


Dredge pump materials are almost always abrasive, sometimes even extreme. 

The threat of wear and tear is not the direct cost of the item to be replaced.

Downtime due to installation, in larger and larger cases

Smaller vessel.

Devices that do not function properly during maintenance or repair may be many times more expensive than worn parts. 


• Reliable long-term operation and long life

• Fully meet all needs

• Up to 90% efficiency

• Minimal local wear

• Robust and easy to maintain.

These pumps are available in three different configurations:

• Heavy-duty; double-wall pump construction with interchangeable wear parts. Excellent configuration for the most demanding operations

• Performance; single-wall construction with replaceable consumables as much as possible. Full-featured dredge pump and balancing options including weight, size and replaceable wear parts.

• Simple; for less demanding operations. This is a single-wall construction without any replaceable wear parts - parts with as few pump constructions as possible

On board or submerged

The dredge pump can be installed either on the ship of the dredging vessel or as a submersible dredge pump in the suction pipe or cutting ladder.

The onboard dredge pump is the primary source of power for delivering the mixture to the hopper or discharge location. The dredge pump is also essential for the transport of mixtures of fixed dredgers and pipeline pressurization stations.

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