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Froth Pump

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The MF froth pump is heavy duty construction, designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive corrosive frothy slurry in flotation process. Froth pump have a vertical shaft configuration and comprise a hopper with vertical bearing assembly and type MA wet end.


Froth Pump Range:

Discharge Size: 50 to 150 mm

Capacity: 7 to 430 m3/h

Head: 10 to 26 m


Froth Pump Typical Application:

Mineral Concentrate

Oil Sand

Mineral Sand

Fine Tailing

Flotation Process

Chemical Process

Paper & Pulp


Froth Pump Features:

Delivered abrasive & corrosive slurry which contains froth through the hopper and spiral frame plate liner insert, which increases the capacity of transferring slurry

Double casing structure

No shaft seal and flushing water

The parts immersed in liquid can be wear resistant metal or rubber

Easy to maintain


Froth Pump Drive Arrangement:

The BD apply belt driving , components include pulley, belt, motor frame guard and fasteners.

Type DC apply coupling driving, components include motor base and coupling.


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