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Gravel Pump

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Gravel Pumps are compact multifunctional dredging pumps, dedicated to slurry transport. The DOP has a wear-resistant, hydraulically or electrically driven dredge pump at its heart, made of wear resistant cast parts. The heavy duty design of the slurry pump ensures low maintenance and maximum uptime. The large spherical passage of the impeller ensures a high operational efficiency.

Muyuan has delivered gravel pumps to contractors around the world for many decades. The wide variety of jobs done by the submersible dredge pump is a proof of its versatility: adding a different suction head results in completely different job. These jobs range from maintenance dredging, dredging in restricted areas when for instance creating a tunnel bed, to sand mining and environmental dredging jobs.

Gravel Pumps are designed to deliver the highest value in terms of Quality & Efficiency , as well as lowest Total Ownership Cost to our clients. Gravel Pumps are produced in two configurations of In-Line (Horizontal) Gravel Pumps and Submersible (Vertical) Gravel Pumps.

A robust design , highly efficient , all purpose slurry transport pumps, used for transportation of all types of ore & slurry , where wheeled transport is not feasible or inapplicable.


Gravel Pump can also be used in the wash plant cycle for many other applications such as:

  • Pumping under sized ore, Example: Trommel into the Jigs, if the plant set-up does not allow gravity flow arrangement.

  • From Primary Jigs to Secondary Jigs that is stacked on a tier basis.

  • Pumping treated , waste slurry ore from a temporary retention dam at the treatment plant to the permanent retention / trailings dam. Particularly useful if space and especially height is a limiting factor at the plant site.

The In-line (Horizontal) Gravel Pumps are mounted on a robust enclosed skid frame, as well as pump canopy, for protection of the pump components. An optional 4-wheels trailer, or wheel base and stand support; is available for all models.

Most often, these types of pumps are the most appropriate for all types of hydraulic sluicing mining operations. The intended purpose of using gravel pump is to eliminate the necessity of trucking ore to the treatment plant.

By applying gravel pumps in the mining operation instead of trucks, overall ore transportation costs are reduced by a considerable amount. Rates of production throughout the operation are increased by a continuous flow of ore to the treatment plant at all times. No downtime loss due to trucks breaking down or sufficient trucks being unable to keep up with the mining ore removal.


We supply theWe supply the world with slurry pump solutions, systems, and parts. 


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