Gravel slurry pumps
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Gravel slurry pumps

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Gravel slurry pumps are mainly used for continuous conveying of high abrasives containing large solids, suitable for dredger dredging, gravel absorption, dredging channels, mining and metal smelting slag transportation.

The discharge direction can be 360 degrees in any direction, easy to install and operate.

Gravel slurry pumps feature a range of true KETO parts and different material combinations for versatility, ensuring the most suitable pumping solution for any specific application.

Design and unique features:

1.The SG and SGH pumps are horizontal cantilever single-hull centrifugal pumps.

2.The structure of the Gravel slurry pump is a single housing connected using a clamping strap. This design rotates the outlet to any angle. Minimal maintenance is required.

3.Three types of shaft seals are available. The package is sealed. Propeller seals and special engineering seals.


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