Heavy duty dredge & gravel pump
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Heavy duty dredge & gravel pump

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Heavy duty dredge & gravel pump series are specifically designed for continuous pumping of highly aggressive slurries with a wide particle size distribution. The ability to consistently process large particles with high efficiency reduces the cost of ownership. The large internal contour of the housing reduces the associated speed, further increasing component life.

Heavy duty dredge & gravel pump is a horizontal, single pump shell structure centrifugal pump.

Dredge & gravel pump adopts special clamping pump body and pump cover. The pump outlet can be adjusted in any direction of 360 degrees, which is convenient to install and use.The bearing component adopts a cylindrical structure, which is convenient for adjusting the gap between the impeller and the pump body to maintain a long service life.

Gravel pumps have three shaft seals, including packing seals, counter impeller seals, and mechanical seals. Wide flow path, good cavitation performance, high efficiency and wear resistance. Transmission modes include: V-shaped V-belt drive, flexible coupling drive, transmission transmission, hydraulic coupling drive, thyristor speed control speed, etc.Material of overcurrent component: nickel-containing high chromium wear-resistant alloy. Use a variety of speeds and variants to keep the Dredge pump running at its optimum. Long service life and high operating efficiency can meet various harsh working conditions.

Application of Heavy duty dredge & gravel pump:




Sugar beets

Sand reclamation

Suction bucket dredging


Large load


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