Horizontal Centrifugal Gravel Pumps
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Horizontal Centrifugal Gravel Pumps

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Horizontal Centrifugal Gravel Pumps are suitable for pumping slurry with hard particles and in high density in industrial sectors as of metallurgy, mining, coal, power generation and building material.

Gravel pumps are those of cantilever, horizontal and centrifugal ones, whose shafts can be sealed by packing seals or by centrifugal type seals. The positions of the pump outlet can be positioned at an interval of 45° according to different requirement, so eight different angles can be applied by rotation in installation.

The Gravel pumps have pump bodies(volute liners, front and back liners) that consist of replaceable wear-resistant metal liners or wear-resistant rubber liners, and impellers can also apply wear-resistant metal material or wear-resistant rubber material.

 Features of Horizontal Centrifugal Gravel Pump:

1. the gravel pump is horizontal, single pump casing structure centrifugal pump.

2. Use special clamp clamping pump body and pump cover, the pump outlet can be adjusted in the any direction of 360 degrees, easy to install and use. 

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