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Pumps & Dredge Components Manufacturer

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Muyuan, a pumps & dredge components manufacturer, designs, engineers and supplies several components to the dredging and mining industry. we can provide parts such as dredge pumps, dredge ball joints, dredge valves or dredge pipes from stock. dredge components and parts can be used for maintenance or construction of new dredgers. additionally, you can use our components to modify and upgrade your dredgers to serve different applications.

all of our dredger pumps can be easily transformed by replacing a few components, such as the auger and cutter heads.


Adaptive auger head

adaptive auger drills produce much lower turbidity than cone (basket) cutters, making augers suitable for environmental applications. Dredge pump adaptive auger has two retractable sun visors that are placed at the front and rear of the auger bit. the visor moves in and out depending on the shape and depth of the seabed. this automatic sun visor movement is achieved by hydraulic arrangement and pressure setting. several benefits can be obtained by following the ground during dredging.


Dredge ball joint

the dredging ball joint is designed to provide flexibility to the pipe throughout the circumferential direction up to a limited angle. in order to provide customers with the most suitable solution and the lowest cost, there are many types of dredge yard ball joint designs. this allows them to range from 15 degrees to 18 degrees, with tasks ranging from 10 to 30 bar.

all dredged ball joints are designed, produced, assembled, tested, painted, packaged and shipped under the close supervision of engineers and quality control team.     Our dredge pump uses strict ISO and ASTM standards for the design, production and testing of dredged ball joints. ball joints and materials can be double tested at a third party for verification to ensure customer satisfaction.


Cutter head

The cutter head is designed and built to meet the most demanding excavation and mining environments. the cutter head is capable of cutting soils of different types of materials such as mud, mud, sand, tight sand, gravel and minerals.


our cutters can be replaced without damaging the dredge cutter head. the blade is equipped with an adapter for easy installation and removal of the teeth. they also maintain the correct position in the direction of the teeth. the dredge cutter head is designed to minimize tool spillage. they introduce the cut material into the nozzle in the most efficient way.


Dredge valve

 Dredging valve design has three different tasks, varying between 10, 20 and 30 bar. thanks to the finite element analysis, our dredging valve design has been carefully checked. the dredging valve selects the position of the real-time feedback digging valve.

Our valves are designed to be manufactured in strict accordance with ISO and ASTM standards and are double tested at a third party for verification. all dredging valves are designed, produced, assembled, tested, painted, lubricated, packaged and shipped.



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