Slurry pump for dredging
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Slurry pump for dredging

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Slurry pump for dredging is a variation of well pumps first used in the oil industry in the 1920s. They are cylindrical in shape so that they can easily be lowered down a well and are typically 3” - 4” in diameter. Compared to depth limitations of other types of pumps, submersible  dredging water pumps can operate at depths up to 400 feet. There are two types of potable water pumps, shallow-well and deep-well.

Slurry pumps for dredging are used to remove standing water in construction, mining and sump applications. Submersible  dredging water pumps are designed for water or water with light suspended solids.

Slurry pumps for dredging are heavy-duty pumps designed for the demanding application of removing large, stringy, fibrous or abrasive solids.

Solids-handling pumps are designed for handling materials such as mud, raw sewage, viscous liquids, wood chips, wastewater and other solids. Shredder pumps, also referred to as cutter pumps, cut or shear the material prior to pumping.

Submersible dredging water pumps for use in oil wells are typically electrical submersible pumps, driven by electric power.

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