Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump MA
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Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump MA

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Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump MA designed for the continuous pumping of highly abrasive, high density slurries with minimal maintenance requirements. It maintains high efficiencies over the wear life of its components. This type of pump typically used in heavy minerals processing, recycling-washing plant, sand plant duties, mineral recovery process plant transfers, wet waste processes and chemical process plant.


Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump MA Application

Mill Discharge, Coarse Sand ,Tailings, Mineral Concentration, Heavy Media, Coal Washing ,FGD ,Chemical Processing ,Bottom/Fly Ash ,Metal Smelting

Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump MA Feature

Elastomer or high chrome alloy liners provide corrosion & abrasion resistance, plus the interchangeability to reduce the maintenance cost and maximize wear life Large diameter, wide options of impeller for specific applications Gland, high efficiency impellers designed to offer maximum wear life and low operating cost, expeller or mechanical seals are available to suite different working conditions The bearing can be oil lubricated or grease which offer ease of maintenance and reduced downtime. The standard heavy duty slurry pump MA can be installed in multi-stage high pressure operation Large internal passage designed to reduce internal velocities to maximize wear life and lower operating cost.

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