Definition: Terminology for slurry pump
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Definition: Terminology for slurry pump

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Definition: Terminology for slurry pump


If we want to know the application of a slurry pump well, we have to know some terminology first. Now let's learn them together,


Affinity Laws

A mathematical relationship between head, flow and power, which enables pump performance to be determined as the speed or impeller diameter is altered.



The volume of liquid to be transported in a unit time.


Concentration by mass

The solids present in a two-phase mixture expressed as a percentage of the mass of the total mixture.


Concentration by volume

The solids present in a two-phase mixture expressed as a percentage of the volume of the total mixture.



The mass of a fluid as expressed in its mass per unit volume (kg/m3).



The ratio of energy delivered by the pump to the energy supplied to the pump shaft, expressed as a percentage.



Alternative terminology for capacity, quantity or volume to be pumped.



A fraction or portion of the mixture, which is represented by a small screen sizing.



The resistance to flow normally associated with pipes and fittings which is a function of the pipe diameter and the rate of charge of flow.



Rate of flow in a given direction, e.g. m/sec.


Stuffing Box

A portion of the casing through which the shaft extends which holds packing material to prevent leakage.


System Head Curve

A curve showing the relationship between the total head required by the system to produce a given flow.



Net positive suction head. The total suction head in absolute units at the impeller centerline less the absolute vapour pressure of the liquid.



A lubricated fiber type material used to provide a seal around the portion of the shaft in the stuffing box.



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