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Dredge pump

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Dredge pump The structure of 200AWN-500AWN sort siphons are single-packaging, single-stage, single-pull, cantilever and even. As indicated by the association with the apparatus box, two structures can be offered: self-conveying section and siphon box gathering. The oil for the section is oil or meager oil.
The structure of 600AWN-1000AWN sort siphons are twofold packaging, single-stage, single pull, cantilever and even. It makes them convey section. Oil is constrained dainty oil greasing up. The twofold packaging plan can guarantee the liner can work till it is exhausted, and if the liner break, water can not go into the siphon.

Dredge pump

Dredge pump

Dredge pump features:

Simple to Disassembly and Installation Convenient Maintenance
AWN type siphon receives front-dismantling structure for simple dismantling and upkeep. Additionally it is furnished with unique dismantling devices for each extraordinary part as per each part's highlights. The standard trapezoidal fourfold string is received to associate the impeller and shaft, which sends solid force as well as is anything but difficult to dismantling.

Dredge pump surface treatments: pumped Machinary.

Dredge pump applications:

Slurry pumps are widely used in industry of mining, electrical power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection, etc for
transportation of abrasive solid slurry.

♦ Mining & Mineral Processing (Gold/Copper/Iron Ore/Lead&Zinc/Tin/Wolfram etc.)
♦ Environmental Water & Sewage Treatment
♦ Power & Oil (Bottom ash,lime slurry for FGD)
♦ Chemical Industry (Phosphate/Potash/Chemical Fertilizer etc.)
♦ Food And Other Industry (Sugar/Paper&Pulp/Tobacco)
♦ Dredging (Sand&Gravel)

Dredge pump


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