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Heavy Duty Mud Pump Suppliers

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Heavy Duty Mud Pump Suppliers, It's structure thriplex plunger horizontal,meets API674 and GB/T9234.It is compactable with higher power load to fit the different siteIts flow rate range is 13-150m³/h with maximum discharge pressure 40Mpa.The fluid is drilling mud or slurry.

Heavy Duty Mud Pump Suppliers

Heavy Duty Mud Pump Suppliers Features:

The mud pump series are suitable for drilling/grouting/ workover on the land oil field drilling,geography,mines,under waster and geotherm industries.

The price of the pump is reasonable, to ensure quality and timely provision of vulnerable parts to users in the installation of the system.

Heavy Duty Mud Pump Suppliers Applications:

1. Long history since 1954 on pump R&D,production.

2. Adapt aerospace hydraulic high tech on the hydraulic end and power end.

Heavy Duty Mud Pump Suppliers


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