How to operate your slurry pump working longer
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How to operate your slurry pump working longer

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How to operate your slurry pump working longer?


    How to operate your slurry pump to work for a long time? Maybe someone who never pumps slurry, therefore, they are more concerned about this problem. They may don’t know it can be the most challenging things they will pump. Because slurries are heavy and hard to pump. Even someone has used slurry pump many years, but they still ignore many details when they choose and operate it. So please do not ignore this article’s importance.


   1) Choose the right centrifugal pump. The essential step is that you must choose a right one. And the pump type, intake and discharge size, materials of construction, impeller size and design must be considered to ensure the pump against the abrasive or corrosive slurry. How to do that well? The key point is that you need a professional technical team to guide you. Muyuan as a Chinese manufacturer who has been in this industry over ten years has own technical staff, and our engineers have done many projects very successful from the world. They are professional and experienced. Besides, strict quality management system is also the key factor, it guarantees the pump quality. So choose Muyuan, we will try our best to help you to solve your all concerns.


  1. 2)   Keep in correct operation and maintenance.

When you received the pump and open it, the first things you need to do is not install this equipment at once, but to read the operation and maintenance manual carefully. You must obey safety manual, especially some items forbidden operation, such as do not operate the pump at low or zero follow conditions, shutting off the power before installation and maintenance of pump unit and so on. Beside, you must know the inside construction of horizontal pump, including pump head, shaft sealing assembly, bearing assembly…In addition, it must be pay much attention to some details, such as shaft seal care, impeller adjusting, bearing lubrication and so on.

   Why do some clients always complain about the quality of pump? In most circumstances, it is not the quality problem, but you are killing your pump due to some wrong operations. Should you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.


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