Know application well, select slurry pump well
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Know application well, select slurry pump well

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If you want to select right slurry pump, you have to know the application well.


1.1 Volume/Flow Rate

The volume of slurry to be transported must be reliably determined before defining a slurry pumping application. Without a clear understanding of the volumetric requirement and possible variations of demand, it would be impossible to adequately compute a pumping system solution. For slurry pumping, the flow rate is determined by a correlation between three factors:

a) the solid, SG

b) the tonnage of solids required to be pumped, and

c) the concentration of these solids within the slurry mixture

These three factors need to be determined prior to selecting any slurry pump.


1.2 Pipeline Length

Another prime requisite to be the evaluation of a slurry pump system is the determination of the length of the pipeline to be used in the application. Slurry passing through a pipeline creates friction (or drag), against the pipe walls. The longer the pipeline, the greater the friction force to be overcome by the slurry pump. Prior to any pump selection, it is therefore imperative that the actual length of the pipeline, and details of any bends or other pipe variations be established, as accurately as possible.


1.3 Static Head Required

The actual vertical length height (static head) over which the slurry is to be lifted must also be accurately determined prior to selecting a pump. This is relatively easy in plant situations, where the vertical heights involved can be measured or obtained from drawings. In the case of overland pipelines, surveying data is often required to obtain this vital information. Variations in the vertical height (normally measured from liquid level on the intake side of the pump to the discharge point) can have a major impact on the output of any centrifugal pump. It is therefore important that this vertical height (static head) is determined within reasonable accuracy (0.5m) prior to pump selection.




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