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Muyuan Pumps allover the World

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Muyuan pumps sold to many countries in the world, such as European countries, Australia, North American countries, South American countries, Asia countries and so on.


 1. Dredging pumps in Argentina

Muyuan dredging pump used in a big dredging project in Argentina. The client change Muyuan pumps in one ship. The size is 8X6, 10X8 and 14x12.

 2. Slurry pump for Copper mine in Mexico

Muyuan 6X4 pumps used in a copper mine in Mexico and the client is very satisfied with our slurry pump.

 3. Heavy duty slurry pump in Austria

Muyuan 6X4 rubber pump worked in a Tungsten mine in Austria for ball mill discharge. There is no visible wear after 750 hours and only some slight wear after 1250 hours.

 4. Muyuan pump in Chile

Muyuan pumps used in many mines and plants in Chile, especial some divisions of Codelco. Muyuan is the qualified supplier for Codelco Chile, Muyuan pump used in Codelco divisions.


We supply theWe supply the world with slurry pump solutions, systems, and parts. 


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