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Muyuan Yellow Slurry Pump

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Muyuan Yellow Slurry Pump


The color of Muyuan featured slurry pump is yellow. Many customers asked us the question, why do you choose the yellow color?

Here i am glad to share some interesting things with you.


A. In ancient times, yellow was worshipped, and yellow was often regarded as a symbol of royalty. This originated from the ancient agriculture nation's "respect for the land" thought.

This thought was united with Confucianism, people think the Han nationality as the main body of the unified dynasty is one such in a "middle earth" empire, which is different with the surrounding "territory". "Yellow" by soil is linked with "orthodox" and "respect", provides the rule of the monarch of "rationality" argument. After Sui dynasty, the emperor had to wear a yellow dragon robe. Yellow became the exclusive color of the monarch.


B. For the industrial colors, yellow is often used for risk or danger warning, such as yellow lights on traffic signs, large machine for engineering, raincoats for students and rain shoes, etc.


C. The yellow color gives people a feeling of light, hopeful and energetic.


That is the reason why we choose yellow color for our featured slurry pump. Muyuan Slurry Pump with a noble color, high quality, competitive price, is worth having.


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