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Petrochemical process pump

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Petrochemical process pump, It's relevant for shipping media being low-temperature or high-temperature, unbiased or destructive, being perfect or containing strong grains, or being noxious, inflammable or dangerous. It's chiefly applied in such enterprises as synthetic designing, petrochemicals, steel works, power plants, papermaking, mash, medication, food and sugar refining.

Petrochemical process pump

Petrochemical process pump Materials: well painted.

Petrochemical process pump Features:

As indicated by various working conditions, such seal types can be received as pressing seal, single end face mechanical seal, twofold end face mechanical seal, and mechanical seal in arrangement. It's ensured by a bushing to keep the medium from reaching the pole legitimately to improve the pole's administration life.

Petrochemical process pump Applications:

1. Siphon isn't appropriate for siphoning gases which are destructive to metal, simple to get compound response with siphon oil, or a gas containing dust particles, just as the high oxygen, touchy, poisonous gases.
2. They are appropriate for the ventures of substance, oil, metallurgy, papermaking, and drugs.
3. Passing on any focus sulfuric corrosive, hydrochloric corrosive, nitric corrosive, acidic corrosive, hydrofluoric corrosive, water regia, solid soluble base, solid oxidizer, natural dissolvable.

Petrochemical process pump


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