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Pump Application

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1.    Slurry Pump

Slurry pump in mining is 80% for the mineral processing plan (concentration plant). In this process, it is required for wear resistance. Slurry pump has heavy duty slurry pump, middle duty slurry pump and light duty slurry pump. We can choose the specific pump type according to the detail working condition.

Slurry pump is used for delivery, feeding, discharging and pressure boosting. Pump can connect with pipe to make delivery, it also can used together with hydrocyclone, mill, filterpress, thickner, and so on.

2.    Petrochemical Pump

Petrochemical pump is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy y ect. This kind of pump has the feature of stable performance, good seal property, easy operation and maintenance.

In the following Chart, It shows the typical applications for each type of slurry pump and petrochemical pump.



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