Slurry Pump Installation Notices
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Slurry Pump Installation Notices

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Slurry Pump Installation Notices



Important: Appropriate joint rings must be used at the pump flanges when such are part of the pump design.


To avoid damaging the joint rings, do not overtighten the flange bolts.

No strain should be imposed on the pump casing either by the weight of pipes or by tightening badly fitted pipes. Experience has shown that such strain can seriously affect the alignment of the pumping unit. All pipework attached to the pump must be the correct size and fully supported. The mating faces of the piping flanges must abut squarely, with all bolt holes in line.


When joining the pipework to the pump, do not use excessive force, as this could result in flange or casing damage.


Suction Condition

Suitable isolation should be fitted in the suction pipe as required by the installation. All pipe joints must be airtight to ensure priming of the pump.

The suction pipe should be as short as possible and have as few bends as possible. An arrangement of suction pipework which is common to two or more pumps operating on suction life is not recommended.

The diameter of the suction pipe must be such that the velocity is kept to a minimum, but above the Solids Particle Critical Settling Velocity of the slurry. To reduce friction losses, a long suction pipe must be larger bore than a short straight one passing the same quantity of liquid.

When the bore of suction pipe is increased to a size larger than that of the pump suction inlet, an eccentric reducer should be used with the reducing step installed at the bottom, to prevent the formation of air pockets.


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