Slurry Pump Operation Information
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Slurry Pump Operation Information

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Slurry Pump Operation Information


1. System Review

A review of the entire pumping systems including sumps, piping, valves, controls, etc. should be made prior to pump start-up to prevent effects on the pump.


2. Check Impeller Clearance

Impeller clearance must be checked prior to start-up of the pump. Failure to do so may result in damage to the pump. All impellers are adjusted at the factory, however, final adjustment must be made on site.


3. Gland Seal Water & Packing Adjustment

Turn on gland seal water before starting the pump. Both pressure and flow must be regulated to levels.


4. Mechanical Seal Adjustment

Consult factory prior to operating pump.


Installation of pump units on baseplates



Before shipment from the factory, the pump and its driving unit can be purchased erected on a common baseplate, which, in turn, should be supported on a level assembly bed.

Pump and driving units which share the same baseplate have their driving and driven shafts aligned while the set is mounted on the assembly bed at the factory. Shim used during factory alignment are sometimes removed prior to shipment if needed they are to be supplied and installed by the installation contractor.


Regardless of the fact that this equipment has been factory aligned, the installation contractor at the site must verify and correct coupling alignment as necessary after the baseplate has been bolted in place and piping has been connected to the pump flanges.

Uneven foundations on site, such as concrete bases, can cause the baseplate to distort.



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