Story: Muyuan Slurry Pump Works in Chrome Mine
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Story: Muyuan Slurry Pump Works in Chrome Mine

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The story happened in a chrome mine in Kazakhstan. We all know that the slurry handled in chrome mine is very dense and abrasive. The particle size is not big, but it is very hard, aggressive.


The chrome mine we visited, they use a famous world brand, their spares parts last only 2 months. The mine is not satisfied with this service life. It increases the cost of the mine. Please see the picture of worn part below:

Slurry Pump1


Our team visited this mine in Sep. 2017, and make clear the application and technical data, we decide to provide one set of spares for testing, and the mine also permits us to install the monitor equipment for data collection. Muyuan material engineer researched the application and develop a special wear resistant material for this chrome mine.


The result is: the service life of our spares last 3 months, 1.5 times longer than famous brand pump manufacturer. The mine is very happy with our products. Now they decide to change all the slurry pumps to Muyuan brand.

Slurry Pump3

Our guys working on field.


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