The Benefits of Choosing Muyuan Slurry Pump
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The Benefits of Choosing Muyuan Slurry Pump

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Muyuan is a Chinese Suppliers in specialized pumping equipment for difficult and challenging industries applications. Our aim is to bring innovative and cost-saving to our customers as well as offering good quality product, and best after-sale service.

-The lowest operating cost

The heavy duty slurry pump is designed specifically for pumping of high abrasive, high density slurries with minimal maintenance requirements. Years of operation and many designs improvements have resulted in low operation cost when pumping abrasive materials.


4_0-Strong, Durable and Tough

The different materials depending on working condition give a long and durable service life. Metal of high chrome alloy or elastomer of different degree rubber show a high and strong performance, these parts in different materials are fully interchangeable and can be combined for optimum life. Therefore, the pump can work for a long time in high abrasive, tough environmental.

-The Quality Guarantee

As manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in the field of slurry pump and spares, we know the importance of safe and reliable equipment. 

We guarantee:

1.   Each casting with exact tolerances-Interchangeable with Warman slurry pump and pump parts as we promised

2.   The process flow card controls the precise of each casting process-to optimize production of each piece to our exact 


3.   Use of our own high-quality alloys in all manufacturing – you can count on reliable, long-term performance and resistance to corrosion, abrasion and impact

4.   A rigorous quality check of every component, pump, or custom fabrication before shipping

Therefore, choosing Muyuan, will help you to win more customers.




We supply theWe supply the world with slurry pump solutions, systems, and parts. 


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