The Sprit of China Women Volleyball Team
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The Sprit of China Women Volleyball Team

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The Sprit of China Women Volleyball Team


The spirit of women volleyball team is a general summary of the spirit of tenacious fighting and bravery fighting of Chinese women volleyball team.      

 Its concrete manifestations are: solid, diligent study and practice hard, fearless, tenacious struggle, sharing weal and woe, united, assiduous study, bravely scale new heights.

In the world volleyball match, with their tenacious fighting spirit and bravery, they won the world championship five times, winning glory for the country and people. Their sprit has given great encouragement to the whole nation.


The State Council, the State Sports Commission, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the All-China Youth Federation, the All-China Federation of Learning and the All-China Women's Federation call on the people of the whole country to learn from the women's volleyball team. Since then, the spirit of the women's volleyball team has been widely praised and known, people from all walks of life, inspired by the spirit of the women's volleyball team, have fought tenaciously for the takeoff of the Chinese nation.



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