What factors affect the service life of slurry pump ?
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What factors affect the service life of slurry pump ?

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What factors affect the service life of slurry pump ?

The service life of slurry pump is impacted by many factors. Such as: hydraulic design, slurry consistency, structure design, the material of wear parts, the physical characteristics of slurry, particle size, using state and so on. And if it is classified only two factors, mainly the design factors and the selected factors. Factors on the selections, it can be improved during selecting and using slurry pump, which is easier to adjust. However, the defects of designing structure can not be removed easily once it occurs. Therefore, we need to take full account of the design factors on the impact of last term. Today, we mainly analyse some factors from the design field.

1. Optimistic the hydraulic design

① The use of advanced design theories and models

② Choose suitable impeller diameter and vanes

③ Select the appropriate form of pressurized water chamber

2. Choice the applicable materials

Considering the PH value of this slurry mixture

Considering the shape and size of solid particles

Considering the temperature or viscosity of slurry mixture

3. Reasonable use of pump structure

Adopting horizontal or vertical pump

Adopting double casing or single casing slurry pump

Based on the direction of pump shaft, slurry pump are divided into horizontal slurry pump or vertical spindle pump. Mostly horizontal slurry pump is with single-stage and single-suction structure. And vertical pump has a similar structure.  In addition, considering adopting double casing or single casing pump depending on the different type of slurry. Such as, with a large particle size or a heavy weight concentration, using double casing pump can increase its service life. Otherwise, adopting single casing slurry pump has a smaller volume and more convenient disassembly and installation.


This show that there are many factors affecting the pump performance and its service life. Professional and experienced technical team can help you choose the best case, and cut down your maintenance cost to win more clients. 

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