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centrifugal pump

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Centrifugal pump is a solitary stage, single-attractions, radiating slurry siphon planned by our production line. This arrangement of siphon over-current parts are made of high-hard composite cast iron, which has high wear opposition and consumption obstruction, which improves the administration life of the siphon.

Centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump Materials: Well painted.

Centrifugal pump Applications:

centrifugal pump has a twofold siphon lodging development for moving Abrasive Slurry. Broadly utilized in Mining Solid Particles, power, metallurgy, coal, building materials, synthetic and different businesses.

Centrifugal pump Features:

centrifugal pump has development in water conservancy plan and basic plan. The slurry siphon over-current segment is made of self-created hostile to consumption high-chromium wear-safe combination, which has high effectiveness, energy sparing, long assistance life and weight.

Centrifugal pump


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