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heavy duty slurry pump

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Heavy duty slurry pump, The 6 Inch Discharge Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Slurry Transfer Pump has a release source width of 150mm, Intermittent entry with a greatest molecule size of 48mm. Single stage single pull diffusive slurry siphon.
heavy duty slurry pump Materials: Well painted machine.

Heavy duty slurry pump Materials: Well painted machine.

Heavy duty slurry pump

Heavy duty slurry pump Features: good qaulity with ISO9000, rust resistant, roit resistant.

Heavy duty slurry pump has advancement in water conservancy plan and basic plan. The slurry siphon over-current segment is made of self-created hostile to consumption high-chromium wear-safe compound, which has high productivity, energy sparing, long assistance life and weight. It is described by light weight, sensible structure, solid activity, low vibration, low clamor and advantageous support.

Heavy duty slurry pump Applications:

Heavy duty slurry pump are broadly utilized in industry of mining, electrical force, metallurgy, coal, natural security, and so forth for transportation of grating strong slurry.

Heavy duty slurry pump


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