High Quality Froth Pump for aoolication
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High Quality Froth Pump for aoolication

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Horizontal foam pump is used to deal with heavy foam to solve the difficulty of pumping foam or high viscosity mud. The rotation of the impeller and the tangential inlet of the conical oil pan of the pump separate the air from the mud. The high shear rate separates the bubbles in the mud.

The solid is bailed out under the action of centrifugal force, and the bubble is forced into the vortex and escapes upward through the vortex detector. This allows for more efficient pumping and higher capacity smooth operation without pulsation due to the airlocks.

The following are some features of our foam pump:

1. Easy to install and connect.

2. Durable, high strength and long service life.

3. special design improves the efficiency of foam application.

4. No need for submersible bearing or four pump shaft seal.

5. Through low flow or dry running centrifugal seal, our fourth pump can minimize the use of water and operating costs.

6. Strong structure, loose belt, short downtime and convenient maintenance.

High quality froth pump application:

Our company increases the technical budget and improves the quality and efficiency of the foam pump. The high lift impeller maximizes the single pump output for mud applications. Foam pump material is iron, natural rubber, used for corrosion and chemical environment.

High Quality Froth Pump

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