Horizontal mud pumps for app;ication
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Horizontal mud pumps for app;ication

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Reciprocating pumps that are comprised of a power end and fluid end assembly..It will remain efficient during the wear life of its components.The rubber - and metal-lined pump housing is split radial in half.Minimal casing bolts reduce maintenance and downtime.

Horizontal mud pumps for parameter:

D: 25mm ~ 450mm

Q: Up to 5000 m3 / h

H: to 73 m

Characteristics of mud pump:

The space between the impeller and the front bushing is easy to adjust and can be completely removed before servicing.

Sealing type: packing seal, discharge seal, mechanical seal.

The drain direction can be mounted at desired intervals of 45 degrees, facing any 8 positions to suit the application.

Transmission type: V-belt transmission, gear reducer transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, frequency conversion transmission device, etc.

Horizontal mud pump applications:

Metallurgy, mining, ore dressing, dredging, dehydration, water treatment, coal washing, etc

 Horizontal mud pumps

 Horizontal mud pumps


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