Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for application
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Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for application

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Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump is reciprocating pumps that are comprised of an influence end and fluid end assembly..It will remain efficient during the wear and tear and tear lifetime of its components.The rubber - and metal-lined pump housing is split radial in half.Minimal casing bolts reduce maintenance and downtime.

Horizontal mud pumps for parameter:

D: 25mm ~ 450mm

Q: Up to 5000 m3 / h

H: to 73 m

Characteristics of horizontal mud pump:

The space between the impeller and thus the front bushing is simple to manage and should be completely removed before servicing.

Sealing type: packing seal, discharge seal, mechanical seal.

The drain direction are often mounted at desired intervals of 45 degrees, facing any 8 positions to suit the appliance .

horizontal mud pump Transmission type: V-belt transmission, gear reducer transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, frequency conversion transmission device, etc.


Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump applications:

Metallurgy, mining, mineral processing , dredging, dehydration, water treatment, coal washing, etc




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